What awaits around the corner???

Each day we awake to new opportunities, chances to be there for someone… and make a difference in someone’s life. So many years ago, too many to count, I found myself determined to work my way through all of the politics and setbacks of being a women in a Fortune 500 company. By far it was ‘boys club’, one that no female would be welcomed; however, we were needed for the daily grinding tasks that the men felt beneath them.

I loved what I did… don’t get me wrong, I knew the challenges that I faced, but was blind to see the knife in my back. I thrived on challenges, no project too daunting, and was overloaded… always willing to work the hours needed to make my project a success. I always believed in the success of the company, it was based on the work of its employees. After all, my work would be noticed, someone higher up would commend me with a kind word, possibly a raise, maybe a bonus, or even a promotion.

Being nieve gave the wolves a chance to strike… oh yes, those amazing coworkers that smile to your face, and BAM! Who knew that one day when a self-centered, airhead coworker that spent more time planning her social time and shopping during work would be promoted as my manager would be a BLESSING in disguise. Without hesitation I questioned her promotion, and was shocked at the senior vice president’s response. As a calmness came over me, I could only say, “well, this is it…” and walked away without any regrets.

PROVERBS 23:18 (NIV) There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.


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