Incomplete Puzzle

I’ve been asked several times since my last post what I’ll share. The next question I heard was why haven’t I shared. There isn’t an answer as to why I haven’t shared; but, I haven’t felt the peace and comfort that comes with writing. With all of the daily commitments, I’ve found myself observing, listening, reading, and just taking everything in.

It’s been a quiet time… the weather has changed, I’m battling a cold, busy at work, busy at home, financial stress with the upcoming holidays, no different from anyone else. What’s missing though is the peace I feel with His Word. I don’t have an answer as to why I haven’t spent time reading His Word. It’s a part of my routine, but somehow that piece of the puzzle is missing.

I was in church Sunday, I heard the sermon, but yet I didn’t listen to what was being said. Too much noise in my mind, I wasn’t open to what was being said, and why not? I enjoy church and look forward to the weekly sermons. I always learn something and walk away feeling refreshed, ready to tackle another full week of activities.

As my morning routine began I felt as if the noise had subsided, I realized that my spiritual vision had faltered. He doesn’t send me daily reminders to spend time with Him, it’s something that  I normally do as part of my day.

I found myself skimming through 1 Samuel this morning, and am  processing the literal concept 1 Samuel 15:34-16:21. It’s a good feeling as I work to complete the puzzle.



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