Made Ya Think!

Our lives are busy… every day we’re presented with a new challenge, if not numerous challenges. Each day we’re tested… how will we react, will our patience grow thin, how will this affect us for the rest of the day, and on… and on… and on.

Just the other day as I approached an SUV in the passing lane of a four lane highway I settled in behind as we slowly made our way past traffic in the outer lane. Without warning the male driver of the SUV, who was much older than myself I might add, slammed on his brakes and flew his right hand middle finger in the rearview mirror. My vehicle was far enough away that his actions didn’t affect me; however, my young daughter and son began to laugh hysterically at what this older adult male had done. Their laughter was contagious and when we were finally able to drive by him my children were glued to their windows laughing and waving. It was a sight to watch as the man in the SUV who was ready to unleash his rage from behind his window froze when the two young faces smiled and waved as they passed by.

How we react, how we treat others, and how we live our lives is a challenge itself. Sometimes it just takes something you’ve read, a quote that makes you feel better or even a moment to yourself to help you focus and redefine your actions for better.

It’s my goal for Made Ya Think! to help people for the better, to be a place where people go to feel inspired to make the most of each day. I welcome comments and suggestions as my work can only grow and help others when I know what people are searching for…


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