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Where does the time go? The days fly by without a word, just always a promise of a new beginning every morning.

We’re almost ready to begin another new month which means another school year approaching. The past school year began with a flurry of activity as my children were busy, on the go with all of their in-school, church and community events, but somehow we’ve almost completed the circle and are gearing up again to start another.

This school year will be different, a change in our activities as my oldest leaves for college in two weeks meaning no more show choir, concert choir, orchestra, cross country, track, boys basketball, community players, serving as a youth leader in church and so on… however, he has such an exciting future ahead of him and opportunities to be involved with his new school!

Then there are the younger two, that will keep us on the go. As we move away from the boys side of high school athletics we now test the waters for girls high school athletics. Oh my, this will be interesting as I’ve already been told by several parents how this year’s softball team will play out. These parents aren’t a coach, but for whatever reason they’re in the know or consider themselves the bearer of how it will be.

Luckily this isn’t my first rodeo, and a person is much better to just listen and nod like you’re paying attention. Oh my, like this will be a life or death situation for my child. No, it’s not, it’s like anything else in life… you learn from the experience and move on.

We’ve been through the parent drama for so many years.. too many to count. Watching other parents jockey for their child’s position, their child’s right to be ahead of another child many times before. It seems to start as soon as they’re born. So many parents waste a considerable amount of time and energy on making sure that their child will be number one without thought of what their actions are really doing.

My oldest dealt with this so many times since grade school. We were always there for support and it didn’t take long for him to learn to just enjoy being a part of the group, and he did. He excelled in so many things, and finds himself a better person as he worked for his honors and accolades.

Even though the days fly by faster than I realize, I truly enjoy watching my children grow and learn as they find their way.

Ecclesiastes 3:1: There is a time for everything, and a season for every\activity under the heavens.



The Pain

The pain of having your job ripped from you is devastating; it leaves a hole in your heart. At first you’re in shock, not sure if this is really happening or if you’re dreaming. And then it hits, like a lightening bolt ripping through your being. Stunned, you ask why followed by what did I do wrong? The answer makes you hold back a scream, because someone you’ve never met, a person that sits in an ivory tower in a large city far far away has determined that not only you, but anyone that holds the same position across the country isn’t needed, that all of your hard work, success for the company and personal sacrifices have gone unnoticed; they aren’t important, you aren’t important.

You find yourself stumbling to safety, the safety of anywhere that isn’t here. Your eyes are filled with tears, your mind racing with the unknown… what now, what am I going to do, how will I pay my bills or support my family? To add insult to injury there isn’t a severance package, just a paycheck for forty hours; however, you were told that you would get paid for a full day even though you were being dismissed at 4 p.m. because the person you’ve never met determined to end things this way; to throw you away like garbage.

At first you wonder how you didn’t see this coming. You’ve learned that your supervisor along with the regional team have known for months that your position would be eliminated, and yet they said nothing; not even out of courtesy for your family. The pain grows thinking of how you trusted them, how you were never anything but honest with them, but yet they were not with you.

Now you have to scramble. You haven’t updated your resume for several years. Why would you since you love your job, truly enjoy where you work, and hadn’t thought of looking for a new position anywhere else. Thankfully you only need to add one position to your resume for it to be current, but where to look, and quietly you ask yourself who would hire me? How is my family going to survive?

Romans 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.


Have you ever had one of those days? You know the one where you’ve done a lot but accomplished nothing. Normally it’s not a bad day, just busy and nonproductive. When the five o’clock hour approached yesterday, I couldn’t believe how much I hadn’t gotten done even though I had been busy from the moment I walked in the door.

How does this happen? How did I put in a 10 hour day and complete a lot of a little? I didn’t even stop for lunch, just snacked on everything in sight because I had so much to do. I really had to think about all of this last night. I should have put the day behind me, but I kept replaying my day over and over. I wasn’t bothered, just shaking my head at not being able to let go of the day.

My first thought was a trip to the gym, which always makes me feel better, that would be the answer to letting go of the day. After shuffling children to and from their night time activities, I made my way to the gym where it’s just me and my music. What a good feeling to focus on nothing; however, all to soon that distraction from the day was over.

After arriving home, I just knew that spending time with my family before bedtime would put an end to the day. Who can’t relax and enjoy snuggling with your children as they read to you. I have a good friend who’s children are grown and gone so she unwinds at night with her dog in her lap and a good book that she shares with him each night. Spending time with those that you care about is a good way to put the day behind… groan, everyone’s in bed and still no peace.

This is silly, I didn’t have a bad day at work, so let it go. Nope, just can’t… I decided that I would look over the notes in my planner from the day to figure out why I was so bothered. As I read through my day, I thought about everything I had worked on, the phone calls I had taken, and the people I helped, and then I realized that I had had a very productive day. I had accomplished a lot of prep work for projects to move them forward, I made sure that people needing assistance had been taken care of, and I did all of that between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. I took a deep breath and smiled, even though I felt as if I had done nothing but spin my wheels all day, I had accomplished a lot; it was a good day.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.


All too often we’re caught up in our own lives, never really thinking of those around us. We’re quick to be too busy to talk, we’re quick to judge, we’re quick to gives ourselves praises for our accomplishments and judgmental when others don’t complement our hard work.

We’re all busy, correct? We’re all handling something in our life that causes extra stress or brings joy to our day; however, more often than not we put ourselves first.

For the last two months I’ve been busy, so busy with work, family, trying to stay ahead of housework, paying bills, holidays, rolling into a new year with school and work, my schedule, my spouse’s schedule, my children’s’ schedules, upcoming trips for school events, basketball, softball, baseball… oh my, have I forgotten anything???

In all of that chaos, I hadn’t noticed what was happening around me. My life is always fast paced and I’m very organized so normally I’m very aware of not only my life, but those that I care about, those that I’m professionally connected with, and my friends, but somehow I had fallen short.

It all began about mid-December, I was so inundated with work after several coworkers decided to take time off to be with their families during the holidays. For three weeks I was in early and out late, rarely taking time for lunch and thankful when my spouse or one of my coworkers would surprise me with something to eat. I found myself in the office on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just to make sure that everyone that was working knew they were appreciated, and then the transition to a new company. I knew it was coming and had prepared in advance with what I needed to do; however, after being gone during some crucial days in December, my coworkers were not as prepared and I found myself in the mix of their work too.

I just knew that everything would settle down in January; however, it did not. Once again I found myself alone, trudging through the daily grind as a preplanned vacation, sick children, inclement weather, and so on… kept my coworkers away and once again I was “last man standing”. I faced each work day with a smile and a positive attitude, what else could I do. I wasn’t going to fail. When it’s a challenge, I thrive.

The dust began to settle after everyone finally returned to work, and that’s when I had time to reach out to people in my life that I hadn’t had time to connect with for weeks. Oh how my heart sank as I learned that an amazing person in my life had begun their fight against cancer, that two others were dealing with workplace bullying from their supervisors and they don’t work for the same business… oh my, I’ve been too disconnected.

Not too long ago I read an interesting take on Wearing Hope. I wish I had a copy of this piece, it really made me think. From what I can remember, it talked about Faith, Hope and Love being Spiritual Gifts, powerful but abstract. So how do we wear them?

Well, I’m definitely not going to do this piece justice, and the day I read this I thought to myself that I would never forget what I had read.. oops. So, I’ll give it my best try… we wear our faith and don it every day to live for Christ, our hearts are wrapped in faith and knows God’s love, we’re safe from sin and blows inflicted by life, our trust is tested every day and we are betrayed by those we call friend and at times even loved ones; however, we face these trials clothed in love and forgiveness, and we’re protected by hope as we focus on God’s salvation.

1 Corinthians 13:13And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

It’s Just a Game

The other day as I watched my daughter play basketball I could tell by her facial expression that something wasn’t right. She’s a fierce competitor, one of those players people enjoy watching because she plays the game. She learned at an early age that no matter how you’re doing, you are always a good sport; a gracious winner and a gracious loser.

Her coach had the girls playing zone and my daughter was guarding the other team’s biggest player who dwarfed my daughter quite considerably. No worries there, my daughter isn’t intimidated by size, she knows how to adjust her game and handled the other girl really well.

As the game progressed, my daughter’s quickness and ability to anticipate the other player’s moves frustrated her opponent, so much so that the her opponent began to play rough, not the normal pushing on each other, she took every opportunity to throw her elbow into my daughter’s side, scratch her with her fingernails, knock into her with her knees and rear-end, and anything else she could think of that would physically bother my little girl.

With the full on physical assault taking place and no whistle from the referee, my ball player once again stepped up her game and continued to outplay her opponent… and that’s when the verbal attack began. As time began to wind down, and the score sitting so close that either team could win, I could see by my daughter’s expression that she had had enough. At the time I didn’t realize that the 11 year old girl my daughter was facing had been using profanity toward her and that was her breaking point.

Even though the outcome of the game wasn’t in my daughter’s team’s favor, my little girl hung tough and didn’t let off until the buzzer signaled the end of the game. I’m proud of my daughter. She handled herself with class on and off the court.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Who Am I to Judge

Why are people quick to judge? We hear it every day… we read it every day… we’re a society that’s quick to judge. Why is this so? It’s easily justified as opinion or discussion regarding the situation. After all we’re entitled to our opinion and our opinion doesn’t hurt anyone, correct?

To judge someone else’s actions and the outcome created by their actions is human nature. We’re all guilty of it and without a second thought are part of it. Intentionally we’re not being malicious. We find ourselves caught up in the moment, it’s a discussion with coworkers or friends, and we all have an opinion after all, what we have to say is important.

The other day as I read through the news, an article that had created a lot of buzz was a group of minors being caught by law enforcement with alcohol. Everywhere I went I was surprised at the various opinions people shared that knew nothing of the situation or who was involved.

After the course of several days of hearing stories of when others were that age, how those youngsters were only doing what teens do, what’s wrong with law enforcement don’t they remember when they were that age, and on and on… I could only smile to myself. I never once heard anyone say that maybe this was God’s way of stepping in to keep His children safe. If, just IF one of those youth would have been in an accident due to their intoxicated state and a life was tragically lost, then the tune would have changed to where was law enforcement. And through all of the talk and the opinions I never once heard anyone ask where were their parents?

Romans 2:3 Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God?

Incomplete Puzzle

I’ve been asked several times since my last post what I’ll share. The next question I heard was why haven’t I shared. There isn’t an answer as to why I haven’t shared; but, I haven’t felt the peace and comfort that comes with writing. With all of the daily commitments, I’ve found myself observing, listening, reading, and just taking everything in.

It’s been a quiet time… the weather has changed, I’m battling a cold, busy at work, busy at home, financial stress with the upcoming holidays, no different from anyone else. What’s missing though is the peace I feel with His Word. I don’t have an answer as to why I haven’t spent time reading His Word. It’s a part of my routine, but somehow that piece of the puzzle is missing.

I was in church Sunday, I heard the sermon, but yet I didn’t listen to what was being said. Too much noise in my mind, I wasn’t open to what was being said, and why not? I enjoy church and look forward to the weekly sermons. I always learn something and walk away feeling refreshed, ready to tackle another full week of activities.

As my morning routine began I felt as if the noise had subsided, I realized that my spiritual vision had faltered. He doesn’t send me daily reminders to spend time with Him, it’s something that  I normally do as part of my day.

I found myself skimming through 1 Samuel this morning, and am  processing the literal concept 1 Samuel 15:34-16:21. It’s a good feeling as I work to complete the puzzle.