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Don’t be afraid of change…

I came across an article this morning that hit home. Someone else took time to craft a meaningful piece about the loss of a job. This brought tears to my eyes as I read each line carefully, it was as if I had spoken to this person and they heard every question I’ve been asking… even my prayers.

We all know that losing a job is difficult for anyone. Whether you’ve been forewarned or not, we must trust in the Lord. History repeats itself all too often when it comes to companies downsizing, closing or even for those few individuals who are dismissed for various reasons. It’s scary to look at the list of retailers that have closed stores over the past several years. These closings tend to make headline news each time while on the other side there isn’t quite the same hype as Tesla, Mattel, Snap, Broadcom, Toshiba, HP, just to name a few, each announced their reasons to downsize their workforce. Approximately 80% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck being unable to support themselves and their loved ones if they lose their job. It’s scary to think of what people went through during the Great Depression…

It’s difficult to not lose faith. I keep asking myself what good will come from my loss of income? I look for the blessings of what will come when I’m unemployed and wonder what God may have in store for me. Are there plans for a better job? Or am I in need of learning patience, humility and faith in His plan?

I must remember to trust that God will provide and guide me through our darkest situations. He can change any bad situation into something good. He wants me to pour my heart out to Him. He wants to take my burden away.

I must remember to clear my mind of the chaos. Don’t focus on the world and the lies of Satan. He will guide me even if there seems to be no way. Standing firm in faith when the threat is real trusting that God will deliver me. I cannot sit idle, I will as for the Lord to guide me as I continue my search.

Philippians 4:19: And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

What if…

How many times do you find yourself saying… what if? Some say it’s second guessing, while others always wonder about the what if. I’m not talking about the “what if I would have cleaned the bathroom instead of watching my favorite show”, no I’m talking about the “what if I would have eaten an apple instead of a chocolate bar”… OK, I’m just kidding.

It’s human nature to wonder about the what if’s in life, something that starts at a young age. Think about the day you chose to walk by the high school musical tryout sign-up sheet without giving it a second thought only to learn later how disappointed the director was when your name wasn’t on the list. So what if you would have given the musical a chance or better yet, given yourself a chance?

When the lottery announces a winner, I always wonder what if I would have purchased a ticket or what if I would have chosen different numbers and my name was announced? Oh my, all of the debt I would pay off with my newly won riches!

How often do you wonder about your what if’s? I’ll be honest, I’m always wondering about my what if’s. Sometimes I find myself wondering about some of my past what if’s. Not that I have regrets, just the thought of what would be if I would have followed a different path.

For months now I find myself thinking about the what if’s such as what if I finally focus and finish my book, what if my friend and I finally launch our boutique business we continually plan for, what if I get back on track and write something everyday for my Next Chapter site, what if my daughter is recruited by her dream college so she can continue to play the sport she loves, what if I think more about how to move forward with a better life for not only myself but also for my family, what if I appreciate what I have…

That’s the most difficult what if… appreciate what we’ve been given – our health, the means to support ourselves financially, family and friends, opportunities to make a difference in someone else’s life, and so much more.

But, what if life hasn’t been easy; not so rosy?  What if your health or that of a loved one isn’t 100%, what if the financial struggle is constant or what if there are other things in your life that keep you from finding peace.

It’s difficult, let’s be honest, there are days that I feel like life punches left then right… while other days it’s all sunshine and roses. Oh what if I could learn from the daily lessons, the punches that knock me down, but also from all the good I experience. 

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.