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Wipe Your Feet Please

Recently I was asked, “what do you mean, wipe your feet?” My response, “haven’t you ever been someone’s doormat?”

They didn’t need to answer, the look on their face said it all… yes, they’ve been a doormat.

Think back to the first time you were so excited about something you had worked hard to achieve to only have it ripped away. And why, because another person made sure you wouldn’t get ahead? Or was it because their lack of effort came to light and  they decided to lash out at you instead of focusing on themselves?

We’ve all been on the receiving end, some more than others. And, we’ve all dealt with those that choose to take what isn’t theirs.

How does someone sleep at night when they’ve wronged another person? Unfortunately, in their eyes they’re in the right and they can take whatever they want without consequence.

How did they become this way, not realizing that everything isn’t for them? Did it start with their youth having everything handed to them? Did they ever learn to be a team player?

It’s quite a show watching the same adults and their children as their sense of entitlement comes to light as they step on others.

Several years ago a parent who caused lots of chaos for my child’s sports team said to me, “I just want my child to have the same success.” No one had denied her child a part of anything; however, this parent’s actions were harsh towards other children as she did whatever it took push her own to the top. As time has gone by, those children act the same as their parent – stepping on anyone who may do better than them.

Life can be challenging, but I truly believe honesty and hard work will get you farther than being sneaky and trying to undermine someone else.

Romans 12:21: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.