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What awaits around the corner???

Each day we awake to new opportunities, a chance to be there for someone – making a difference! So many years ago, too many to count, I believed my work made a difference each day. I found myself determined to work my way through all of the politics and setbacks of being a woman in a Fortune 500 company. By far it was a boys club, one that no female would be welcomed; however, we were needed for the daily tasks our male counterparts felt beneath them.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved what I did, I was good at my work and found myself being sought out for high profile projects. I thrived on challenges, no project too daunting, and was genuinely overloaded, but always willing to work the hours needed for success. I always believed in the success of the company I worked for and knew I made a difference each day. After all, my work would be noticed, someone higher up would commend me with a kind word, possibly a raise, maybe a bonus, or even a promotion.

Oh, how naive I was. While I was busy with my work and lost in my thoughts of successful projects and accolades to come, another female coworker was pleading her case as to why she deserved a promotion. It was quite a surprise the day it was announced how she would be my new supervisor.

Without hesitation, I questioned why I had been passed over for this promotion. I was shocked at the senior vice president’s response; a slap in my face. A calmness came over me, I could only say, “well, this is it…” and walked away without any regrets.

What’s interesting is I knew it was a BLESSING in disguise. The hours I spent at work kept me away from my family – I was missing so much of their lives, and for what? To be passed over for a meaningless promotion? To continue being part of an organization that had shut the door on me?

PROVERBS 23:18: There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.